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Updated: Jan 16

Photo by Yannik Oetiker

A crested saguaro is fairly rare. According to the National Park Service, there is one for every 200,000 saguaros, give or take. I have seen three in my wanderings throughout southern Arizona. I get pretty excited when I find this most unique specimen of a beautiful desert giant.

The main point of the photograph is the difficulty of finding a person who is able to meet my expectations for instructing our students. It is probably 1 out of 200,000 people in Arizona, give or take.

The training lasts one year. You have to teach alongside me, daily talking about the mistakes and successes each day. After a year, either you are ready to teach your own class or it is time to go our separate ways. If we both agree you would be a good fit at Maricopa Christian Academy, then you would have your own class with probably another year of training.

One of my expectations as a teacher is after you master the instructional methods of the school, you will then learn to break the rules of instruction you have been trained in. This breaking of the rules is necessary when it best meets the educational needs of the student.

Like a former engineer, whose degree is from Duke, who used to be one of my high school math teachers said when talking about teaching at my school, "Any monkey can do this." What he meant was that the instructional system makes teaching very easy to be successful with. The outstanding teachers are the ones who have mastered the system and use their experience teaching to break the rules when it provides a better instruction to our students.

All teachers must be active members of their church. That one expectation separates the overall amazing teachers from everyone else. Why? Being an active part of their church shows commitment, someone willing to make the effort to work with people and obedience to Christ.

You need a degree from a university of at least a bachelor's degree with transcripts from where you earned your last degree. I rarely hire anyone with a teaching degree. Almost everyone who has a teaching degree has a really hard time looking at their students as individuals when they instruct.

Even when these teachers have experienced the superior results of our instructional methods, they slide to a whole group approach. There are two main reasons for this. The first is it is a whole lot easier to teach using the traditional whole group instructional model than our individualized system. And the other reason is it really is hard for people to change their habits.

The more experience you have working with people is always good. Those people experiences can be quite varied - teaching, mission work, business call centers etc. Many of my best teachers came from business backgrounds.

I am not hiring now. After we have a student count, I will see what we need. But if you would like to visit and talk about your interest in the possibility of teaching at Maricopa Christian Academy, give me a call or send an email.

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