Why We Have Homeschool Support.

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

One of the main purposes of Maricopa Christian Academy is to support parents in the training of their children. And full time school for the children of many parents does not meet their educational plans and expectations.

Many parents, many reasons. Some parents travel a lot. Some parents have particular skills they want for their children no school offers. Some parents are just not ready to have their children away from them five full days. And some parents want to teach their kids and just want some kind of support.

Whatever the reason, our purpose is to support those families that allow us. And from past experience, offering part time support is just what many families need.

We offer a three-day homeschool support program. The homeschool support students goes through the school day with the full-time students.

The three-day program students come to Maricopa Christian Academy on Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week.

The homeschool students work on the same subjects at the same time as the full-time students. Just like the the full-time students, the daily goals in each subject are determined by how well they did the day before. The expectations are never determined by what the rest of the class is doing.

A fifth grade homescool student may be working on seventh grade math goals and the full-time sixth grade student may be working on third grade math goals or visa versa.

There is academy support provided for the home school students on their nonacademy days. It is up to the parents to follow through with the assignment packets provided for the two days their child is not attending.

Parent training on the academy expectations will be offered. Instructors will be available for questions and support.

I expect it will work for those families that choose it because of our unique educational approach. Most of the full-time students will excel in all their subjects with the training and instruction given to them. The 270 minutes a week for the three-day students in reading/writing and the same amount of time for math should allow them to meet state standards consistently with family support on the nonacademy days..

The Maricopa Christian Academy home school support program is not for everybody. It is designed for those parents who see it as a wonderful support in the training of their children.

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