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Maricopa Christian Academy Registration for 2022-2023; New Grades

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Photo by Ray Hennessy

Yes, we are already planning for our second year here at Maricopa Christian Academy, the good Lord willing.

We will be limiting the students next year to twenty students in first through tenth grades. A wait list of potential students will be created after that.

Registration begins on Monday, January 31. Returning students will be allowed to register first with any openings filled on a first come basis.

Tuition will remain the same as well as the nonrefundable registration fee.

Our location will remain the same through the generosity of the saints at First Baptist Church in Maricopa.

We will be having at least twelve students on January second. Amazing growth for a first year private school. We have much to give thanks for including having twelve students to teach in support of their families God-given task of training them.

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