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Meet Newest Member School in the Canyon Athletic Association

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Photo by Alissio Soggetti

Yes, we will be offering our first competitive sport for the next school year of 2022-2023. A big thank you to the Canyon Athletic Association for allowing our small, humble school of Maricopa Christian Academy to be a part of their organization.

We will be offering cross country in the fall for my elementary, seventh and eighth grade students, Out of the current sixteen students we have enrolled for next year I expect we will have at least five runners competing in this fall sport.

I explained to the current students we will try adding a chess club this year for all elementary, middle academy and senior high students. Besides providing time for having fun, I am hoping to someday put together a high school chess team.

And we have very tentative plans to develop a JV girls volleyball team in two years.

The Canyon Athletic Association is mostly made up of Arizona charter schools, some private schools and five other Christian schools. I am looking forward to this and the future athletic seasons playing in this very organized league.

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