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Physical Education: A Core Subject

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

At Maricopa Christian Academy, we have daily subjects we make every effort to have everyday. Those subjects include Bible, math and reading. Physical education is also part of this list. Why? Because for most boys, this is one of their favorite parts of the day. And mine too.

Physical education allows me to see my students in a different light. This time of being outside and interacting is not for the mind's sake but for the strengthening of their bodies. It is an opportunity to excel in ways different from a desk or a computer. A time to develop skills hopefully carrying over to their time as adults.

We run each sport for a two week time, twice a year. This allows students to develop skills and a basic knowledge of the rules to a game. Hopefully an enjoyment of the game sprouts from the twice a year experience. It is no fun participating in any activity you can't play well, let alone not knowing the rules.

The planned games for our first year include: parachute activities, soccer, whiffle ball, and disc activities, More games will be added soon.

Students are put into groups according to their age and body size.

A healthy body supports a healthy mind. And just like an amazing education is able to affect choices made for the rest of your life, so is a good knowledge of games and the strength to play them. A good reason to include physical education as a core subject.

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