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Reason #1 On Why Choose a Christian Private School Like Maricopa Christian Academy- Parent Support

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

Photo by Kelly Sikkeem

Our purpose here at Maricopa Christian Academy is to support our parents in the training of their children. We meet this goal by providing a superior liberal arts education. By superior, we mean all of our students have the opportunity to succeed and exceed in typical school subjects such as math, writing, reading and computer literacy.

We support our families by working with them and the individual needs for their children by how we organize our instructional expectations and when particular family issues arise.

One way is the elimination of labeling a child because of the poor education or inadequate parenting the child has previously experienced. A child's low skills are not his fault. Yet labels are applied to or at least implied or even worse are used to blame the child for his lack of reading skills.

Type in Google "blaming children for low educational skills" and read the first ten responses. Blame is all over the place: social and educational inequity; parents have low income; ineffective teaching, ineffective school management; student's fault; curriculum; low-income mothers.

Short-term or long-term, none of those "blames" matter. What do you mean Principal Ihms? Well, consistently we bring our labeled students who have had social and educational inequity, ineffective teaching, low-income mothers, same-old ineffective curriculum, and ineffective school management. All are making consistent academic progress to achieve at or above grade level.

We do this by creating daily individual goals for each of our students based on the individual work performed the day before by each student

Parents are supported also by the staff listening to the individual needs of parents and .their children. Sickness, mental health, and family changes are some of the needs we made adjustments for.

Christian schools like Maricopa Christian Academy are built on supporting parents like you. This support is built on developing unique relationships with each family, to develop strong habits of communication between teachers and parents.

Christian schools are called to higher expectations in supporting our parents.

To Him be the glory.

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