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Pastor Andy White

If you are considering Maricopa Christian Academy for your child, you may not realize the incredible opportunity that is before you. I have known Headmaster Tim Ihms very well for eight years. I have never met a more capable and compassionate educator. I know him very well for eight years ago I asked him to teach me how to run a Christian School. We met and agreed, and then he began to teach me about education, children, and methods and outcomes. We now have a very successful school for I learned much that helped me back then and much that still helps me today. His depth and experience are unmatched. But what impressed me the most was his genuine care for his students. He roots for every child he teaches. He is fully persuaded that every child can and must succeed. He believes it more than even the students believe. He simply never gives up whether a student is ahead or behind. He ACCELERATES students forward.

He is firm but fair. He challenges but doesn’t overwhelm. He provides structure where it is needed. And most importantly, he is truly a man of faith who lives the Word of God. I have been a pastor for over 30 years, and I know a real one when I see one, and Tim is a true believer. 

So I encourage you to jump on board this fantastic opportunity. The school may be new, but it is a continuation of a great tradition of excellence. I can only see great things ahead for Maricopa Christian Academy and all who are a part of it.

Diana Woodhead

I have known and worked with Tim Ihms, Headmaster for Maricopa Christian Academy for six years. He is devoted to his Lord and Savior, and lives his faith. The students fortunate enough to be in his classes excel in every aspect of learning.  His teaching methods are tailored to the individual student. Writing is a crucial skill for all students regardless of learning level and Mr. Ihms students, using his method have won national poetry contests as well as state and local writing contests. 


Students struggling with math have come to his class and again with his specialized one on one method and a strong back to basic math skills have made great strides! One student I can think of was struggling with second grade math, working below grade level. That same student today is working at and above his grade level. 


Maricopa Christian Academy and Headmaster Tim Ihms offers your child the opportunity to grow in academics and faith. 

Corrine W

Tim Ihms is a seasoned educational veteran with a passion for teaching students. His work is exemplified by student achievement gains. His one on one approach is impressive as well as effective. Students know that he not only cares for them but expects improvement. In conclusion Mr. Ihms builds rapport with students, sets high expectations, holds his students accountable and achieves fantastic results.   

Heading 4

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