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Registration Fee: $200 

(Non-refundable, due with the application.)

All supplies, field trips and activities are included in the tuition.

The tuition is designed to cover the school costs while providing an excellent and superior education and providing our instructors with a livable wage they are able to support themselves comfortably with. We will be looking to hire the best and providing the training needed for them to be excellent instructors.

Registration fees are only accepted after a family interview and a completed application.

Full Time Students

Tuition is $8000 per school year for each student in grades kindergarten - twelfth grades.

There is scholarship assistance for single parents and families with annual incomes of $60,000 or less.

Maricopa Christian Academy tuition includes everything needed to provide a quality education for our students.

Annual payers commit to paying their tuition in full by July 1.

Families with ESA funds are committing to paying within two weeks each quarter funds are available.

In most cases, Maricopa Christian Academy does not charge fees for athletics, fine arts, technology and parking.

 Payment Plans

  1. 100% of tuition paid in full on or before July 1st.

  2. Or ten equal payments beginning July 15, continuing by the 15th of each month, ending April 15th. ($100 processing fee)

Many Maricopa Christian Academy families will utilize the Arizona tax credit programs to offset tuition. Sometimes these scholarships are delayed. We will work with our families in regards to the timing of the payments. Please keep us informed so we can work with you.

We work with most tax credit programs.


If you need to withdraw your child, you will be charged on the following basis. You must complete a "Student Withdrawal" form and submit it to the Headmaster. Tuition is required for the entire month during which the student is in attendance regardless of the date withdrawn. Reductions are not made for family vacations or other events as tuition is calculated for the entire year.

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