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Because we care. Maricopa Christian Academy

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Photo by Paul Hanaoka

For years I went to A & P nurseries in the East Valley for all my plant needs. But one day I discovered that Lowe's and Home Depot had the same or similar plants for a lot, lot less. Then for many years I went to those two fine establishments for any landscaping materials we needed. That changed last week.

I was looking at both of the big boxes for live oak trees. My wife wanted five of the perennially leafy trees to be placed in our backyard. Neither of the big boxes had so much as one available. On a whim, I went to A & P to see what they had. Unfortunately for Lowe's and Home Depot, they had everything. It was much more than that. The employees knew about each of the plants. Their prices were comparable. Their selection was amazing. And the plants just looked better. Like their roses. The roses, even though the brands were the same as the two boxes carried, looked as if someone knew how to cut the roses correctly.

When I was checking out at the register, the man assisting me was talking about the six month guarantee they didn't use to have. And how if I needed any advice on caring for the trees or anything, to just call. I told him that was a nice service. He said, "It is, because we care."

Now my segue into Maricopa Christian Academy. The government schools provide instruction in subjects like we do. But we know your children and we get to know you the parents. We know our curriculum and why we use what we do and how our materials are more effective. We know what to expect with your child's education and why. Just like the well formed roses at A & P, we carefully form your child's learning and character. And why do we do this?

Because we care.

We care not out of prides sake, but out of service to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Who deserves all praise and glory.

Take care.

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