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Four More Writing Awards to Complete the School Year

Updated: Jun 3

Photo by Giorgio Trovato

First Maricopa Christian Academy kindergarten student Amariah won third place in the National Writing Contest, Be Kind Make A Difference Essay contest. She enjoyed an awards ceremony that she attended with her mother and teacher Mrs. Williams. Congratulations Amariah!

Maricopa Christian Academy is honored by having three winners in the national Kentucky State Poetry Contest. In sixth grade, Isaac wrote the Dogs and Cats Haiku for third place in category 2. Zayden was recognized with first place in category 1 with his haiku, Eraser Haiku. Jasper was honored with second place with the title, Summer Haiku.

We have two main reasons for entering essay and poetry contests. The first reason is it provides a different audience other than the student’s teacher to write to. The second reason is the awards. For many students, having someone else besides their teacher tell them that they are a good writer changes their perception of themselves as a writer.

To God be the glory.

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