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Let Sleeping Children Sleep

Photo by Igordoon Primus

There are many wonderful things about being a parent. One of those things is checking on your child when he is two to see the results of all of the maniacal energy enjoyed throughout the day. That result is sleep. A peaceful, sometimes with drooling, deep sleep that is one of the wonders of childhood.

Here at Maricopa Christian Academy, we like children to get a really good night of sleep. That is why we begin our school day at nine in the morning. Time for children to sleep. And also time to get up.

Not only is sleep important, but the opportunity to begin your day without the typical hurrying-up to get to school on time.

So no more 7 am or 8 am start times to the school day. At Maricopa Christian Academy we want our students to have a great start to their day, which includes the time beginning at home.

Have a great day!

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