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Maricopa Christian Academy-Among the Best Decisions You Will Ever Make

Photo by Andrey Bond

There is a really good chance that is just what you will be saying after your children have been educated at Maricopa Christian Academy.

I have made my share of bad decisions. And I have been blessed with some decisions ranked in right in there as being among the best. One of those decisions was hiking down to Phantom Ranch at the bottom of the Grand Canyon with my two sons one spring.

It was a time of long discussions, amazing views, sore muscles, and a filling dinner served hot and plenty at the Phantom Ranch. A unique time and experience.

An education at Maricopa Christian Academy is also an unique experience. Each student's daily instruction is individualized, built on the student's successes and failures from the previous day.

I interviewed a new family today. We have twelve more openings at the moment for grades first through tenth grades. The process is simple to place your family in our school. Call me at 480-440-8188 to set an appointment for you and the family to meet with me.

We discuss what you are looking for in a school, what we have to offer, and tuition costs. If you still want to place your children in the school, I will hand some papers for you to complete. After the papers are returned, I will make a decision on enrollment and call you.

Maricopa Christian Academy offers an education matched by few schools in Arizona.

Please give a call if you are interested. I expect you will think placing your children with us to be among the best decisions you ever make.

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