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Maricopa Christian Academy, Beginning Our Second Year

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Photo by Mark Botsford

There is much to praise the name above all names for, but today I praise him for allowing our school of Maricopa Christian Academy to begin our second year. He has blessed us with families and students, a building and an amazing staff.

So, the question is, will the second year look the same. May it never be that we are not always providing more for our families and to their children each year.

Finances are part of the limitations of providing more. There is a plan.

When we grow to nineteen students, we will begin to interview and hire a music teacher for grades 1-10.

When growth brings us to 24 students, a full-time teacher will be hired and trained to eventually earn her own class of multigrade students.

We are beginning a fall school sports program with cross country competing in the Canyon Athletic Association. It is a group of many charter schools and some private schools including six other Christian schools. We are looking at track and field along with girls' volleyball in the future. How much in the future depends on student growth and student participation.

At 35 students, we hire our next full-time teacher to be trained and earn her own class of multigrade students.

At 40 students, a part-time art teacher will be added.

When 47 students are in attendance, the last full-time teacher will be hired and trained. The school will be allowed to grow to 60 full-time students first through twelfth grades.

The general plan after that is to move the seventh through twelfth grades to another building, allowing the primary and elementary grades to grow to 60 students and the middle and senior academies to increase to the same size.

Back to now. Donations. We have not asked for donations at all. There are no fundraisers or silent auctions. But we do make needs known. Here are our needs.

- $600 for cross-country uniforms

- $2000 to begin a music program

- Prayer for land to be donated for an upper-grade site. We plan to keep our primary and elementary classes at First Baptist Church. We have discussed this idea with the church already.

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