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Maricopa Christian Academy, Dad Approved

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Photo by Zach Vessels

Less than 100%. Over 50% for sure. And probably closer to 90%. That is the percentage of dads who made a statement similar to this, "My life and the choices I made would be so different if I went to a school like this at their age."

Maricopa Christian Academy is designed so all students will excel in learning. That is in all our subjects-reading, writing, math, Bible, science, history, Spanish and physical education.

We do this by providing an education that is individualized for each of our students based on each student's work from the day before. The work Ben does is not determined by the rest of the class and their work accomplished for the day. It is solely based on what he and he alone accomplished.

With that said, the pace of learning is ultimately determined by the student's teacher. It is the teacher's responsibility to ensure each of her students is meeting school expectations for mastery. The teacher makes sure each of her students understands the material or skills being taught at school expectations before moving onto the next goal.

This process allows our teachers to focus on each student's daily educational needs. If one student does not understand a concept, there is always tomorrow. And if a student is showing great growth and understanding, that students is allowed to work at a greater pace.

Having a thorough knowledge of academic skills allows a person to move onto more advanced skills. That is why most of the dad's at my previous schools could appreciate what we did. Providing mastery learning on the path to higher skills.

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