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Maricopa Christian Academy is an ACSI Member

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

The question is "Why"? Why did we use part of our meager start-up funds to join the Association of Christian Schools International? Think of ACSI as a school district that supports Maricopa Christian Academy but without the top down controls.

As a school, it is nice to know we are not all by ourselves. ASCI has resources allowing us to contact them for questions or items to purchase supporting us in the education of our students. Things like testing, curriculum, and activities.

With ACSI, I have the opportunity to email other principals of Christian schools to ask for their input on things like schedules, school activities, or facility maintenance issues.

To be honest, the curriculum offered by ACSI doesn't fit our education model. But it is there if ever needed.

The activities are the fun part. There are math competitions, writing activities and more. ACSI provides academic activities that allow us to interact with other Christian schools in Arizona and other regional schools.

So ACSI is a good investment from our meager investment funds to support Maricopa Christian Academy in supporting our parents in the education of our students.

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