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Maricopa Christian Academy visits a Really Big Dairy.

The students of Maricopa Christian Academy recently enjoyed the wonderful hospitality of the locally owned dairy, Shamrock Dairy.

Here is a blurb from their website about the dairy.

Shamrock Farms hosts its own herd of more than 10,000 traditional and organic milking cows at our state-of-the-art farm in Stanfield, Arizona – just 54 miles from our Phoenix processing plant. We also partner with like-minded family farms, who share our commitment to never treat our cows with the growth hormone rBST and to treat our herd like family – making sure it has plenty of healthy food to eat, pleasant living conditions and the best possible care.

On our tour, we started in a large barn designed to host tours like ours. Our hostess was Connie. She provided a warm and knowledgeable tour of their bovine facility.

Our students were able to observe the slick production line of dairy cows being milked.

The day was finished in the Shamrock Farms conference area with the students being refreshed with milk and ice cream drinks provided by the dairy.

A fun day spent exploring Arizona and local landmarks.

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