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Maricopa Christian School Begins the Accreditation Process Through ACSI!

Updated: Apr 23, 2023

This past week the school board of Maricopa Christian Academy approved me beginning the process of our school being accredited through the Association of Christian Schools International, the largest accrediting agency of Christian schools in the world. Its accreditation has the same status as any secular accrediting agency in the US.

What does accreditation mean to you as a parent? Here is the purpose of accreditation straight from the ACSI handbook:

Accreditation is primarily focused on school improvement. Throughout the process, the school demonstrates the effectiveness with which it meets established educational standards of quality, establishes goals for improvement, and creates a plan to fulfill those goals. In Christian schools, these standards genuinely align with the school’s mission and philosophy. Accreditation and school improvement help schools continuously challenge themselves and manage growth in an orderly, systematic way. This brings a vigorous dynamic into the school by engaging every constituent in a process of organizational review and goal setting. Being involved in an ongoing cycle of accreditation fosters a growth mindset and helps a school examine how it is remaining true to its own foundational statements. This provides accountability and validation to its community.

After we turn in the application, we have a candidacy visit to determine if our application has a chance of being successful. These include the following items:

o The school has a clearly formulated

Christian approach to education, which

is evident in its foundational documents

o There is evidence the school will be able

to meet the accreditation Standards

o The school staff is Christian and

sufficient in number and qualification for

the school’s operation

o The instructional program demonstrates

cultural sensitivity and effectively

implements the school’s philosophy and


o The school has sound organizational


o The school ensures that the services it

provides meet acceptable standards of

health and safety

o The school fulfills all applicable legal


o Instructional resources are adequate and

appropriate to fulfill the school’s mission

o The school grounds and buildings are

adequate for the support of the total

school program

o The financial resources and

management of the school can sustain

a sound educational program consistent

with its philosophy and objectives.

ACSI will eventually send a team to the school to observe us and meet with the staff to discuss the daily functionings of the school. After that observation by the ACSI team, their recommendation will be sent to the ACSI divisional office, where a decision will be made on accreditation.

The board and I felt accreditation was the next step in maturing our school as we enter its third year.

May God bless you.

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