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Meet the Headmaster and Founder

Updated: Jul 10, 2022

This is me, Tim Ihms, the founder, headmaster, teacher, athletic director and lead custodian here at Maricopa Christian Academy.

This is my third private Christian school I have begun. The first two schools were in Gilbert, Arizona.

My university education is from Arizona State University where I earned my bachelor degree in education. A masters degree was awarded from the University of Northern Colorado in the area of special education. An additional principal certificate was through classes at Northern Arizona University and the University of Phoenix.

I have worked with special populations of people since I was in the eleventh grade of high school. I spent my summers at Camp Tatiyee in Pinetop being a camp counselor to blind, deaf, physically and mentally handicapped children and adults. While during the school year amid my high school and college classes, I worked at The Valley of the Sun School a school and home for handicapped adults and children when such places existed.

I have taught special education for nineteen years kindergarten through twelfth grades and three years in regular education first through sixth grades in public schools.

I began and was the principal at Surrey Garden Christian School in Gilbert in 1996. We began with 12 students with one of them paying tuition. It eventually grew to 530 kindergarten through twelfth grade students. It is now named Gilbert Christian Schools.

In 2008, Bios Christian Academy began with 24 students and grew to 250 students by the time it closed in 2014 during the Great Recession.

I have certificates from the state of Arizona in: principal, K-8 teacher and special education teacher K-12.

I grew up Roman Catholic in Phoenix. I have no dramatic conversion story to share. I have been growing in my love for my Lord since third grade when I became aware of the Bible readings during mass and what was being told through them.

I am a deacon and a member of Maricopa Springs Family Church here in Maricopa.

I run around two miles a day. Also hiking in this most blessed of states with deserts, forests, streams and mountains to explore brings tears of praise and sometimes awkward moments of joyful dancing ( when I am alone of course) praising him for allowing me to experience his amazing creation.

My wife and I enjoy hiking. We just spent a weekend hiking West Fork and Devil’s Bridge in Sedona.

With all that said, I look forward to meeting with you and your family to talk about our impressive school.

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