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Parent Volunteers at Maricopa Christian Academy

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

Photo by Anna Earl

Good news! We do not have parent volunteers in the classrooms at Maricopa Christian Academy. But I do very much want parents involved in their child's education.

First, parents are welcome to sit in on their child's class anytime. But there are some expectations with that ability. The expectations are: 1. No words, corrections, faces or hand gestures communicated to your child while you are sitting observing. 2. No discussing with anyone about what the other students in the class are doing. 3. If you have questions or concerns about anything, please wait to bring your concerns or thoughts to the teacher until after school when all the students have left.

Next, parents are encouraged and needed to help support our four celebrations of the school year - Thanksgiving Thanks, Christmas Song, Resurrection Praise and Happy, Happy Birthday. Mostly because I quickly realized early in my life that putting together fun and attractive celebrations is not a skill I have. But I do enjoy them.

And last, field trips. We have five planned for the year - Shamrock Farms: What says education, fun and milk all in one place? A local dairy of course. And Maricopa has some of the largest and fanciest in the world. Huhugam Heritage Center: Local history and culture from our neighbors. The Phoenix Zoo: What can I say? Lots of animals in the center of the Valley. Kartchner Caverns: I never get tired of walking through these amazing caves. The uniqueness of our Lord's creation is exciting. The fifth is still being researched.

Parents on field trips assist in monitoring students when we are off campus. The more eyes, the better.

Lastly, which trumps last, parents are expected to visit the class at least seven times a semester before or after school to see how their child is doing. These seven visits can last two minutes or much longer. I want you as a parent to see what your child is doing- his accomplishments, his struggles and his excitement. These parent visits replace parent conferences.

All to his glory, The grace of the Lord be with you.

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