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Really, We Are That Good

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Photo by Bruce Mars

Many, many times during the eighteen years of starting, growing and managing two private K-12 Christian schools, time and again dads, never moms, came up to me while no one else is around and said in very serious voices, "Tim, why did you not tell me sooner that your school is so good. We would have been here much sooner." Or something like that.

I never had a good answer. Never a clever quip in response. I mean, how do you respond to that. I am not a bragger. Frankly, I battle with painful shyness. Anyway, the point is we are very good. Heck, we are amazing in so many ways.

Academically, the schools were stinking' amazing. From impressive individual and school test results to local, regional and national recognition, we way over accomplished. With God's grace and our focus on each student through daily individual instruction and goals, our students all became confident and skilled.

How can I say this? In writing, we as a school enter local, regional and national writing and poetry contest. Contests such as the Grand Canyon State Games, DAR, Library of Congress, MLK, Kentucky Poetry, VFW and whatever else I am able to find. We earned first place out of over 70,000 entrees for the Library of Congress. The emcee for ASU's MLK essay contest called us the Alabama of writing schools because we would win 10-20% of the writing awards.

As part of ACSI, we entered their regional math competitions for third through high school . Out of a potential 30,000 students in the Rocky Mountain region, we constantly won 12- 18% of the awards.

Arizona's statewide test for its students use to be named AIMS. our high school graduates, 67% of them exceeded state expectations in all three tests in reading, writing and math. And all but two graduates exceeded in one subject. That compares to 7% of Arizona students exceeding all three subjects at the time.

We do not attract only the best and brightest . Almost 25% of our students were labeled special eduction before attending.

But these and other academic results are a by-product of what we do really well. Our teachers know your child. They care about your child because God first loved them. We know where each child is at in each subject daily.

Your child becomes a confident, highly skilled student who is encouraged to have a relationship with their creator though daily Bible studies, prayer and their teacher's example.

Maricopa Christian Academy is a different culture compared to most schools. As a rule, the students are trained to be respectful, work hard and that it is good to have fun.

Grace be with all of you. Hebrews 13:25

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