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Registration is Open

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Registration is open!

Maricopa Christian Academy has begun registration for the 16 student openings in grades first through sixth.

In case you are thinking about sending your child here beginning in August of 2021, here is what we offer.

It will be one teacher with forty-two years experience teaching with an aide supporting instructing a mixed age class of first through sixth grade students. Each student will have personalized goals just for him built around his previous day's work. This means during a math period, a third grade student could be working on typical first grade math skills while a fifth grade student could be working on math goals usually provided in the seventh grade.

Each day students will spend time in learning about God's creation through instruction in the Bible, reading, math, science, history and physical education. We treat all students as "gifted" students in that all students are expected to work diligently and achieve success on their own personal instructional goals daily.

We use tried and tested instructional materials that are rarely used in traditional schools. Our 1-6 science is rich in hands-on materials. Bible instruction is based on daily Bible readings. History is taught through literature, curriculum and games. Reading through controlled vocabulary readers, phonics and literature. Math uses Horizons for first and second grade and Saxon for fourth grade on.

Lecture is rare. Instead short chunks of individual instruction with each student is provided when needed.

If you are interested, please contact us.

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