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Technology Instruction at Maricopa Christian Academy That You Want for Your Kids

Updated: Apr 23, 2023

Photo by Fred Kloet

Technology instruction and use have clear parameters here at Maricopa Christian Academy. We have a clear purpose of when to use technology in the education of our students K-12. I am going to spend the rest of this blog discussing the what and the why of what we use and teach technology-wise. Also, the what and the why of what we do not use technology-wise.

We use a linear approach to subjects introduced and taught. Students in fourth through twelfth grades begin technology instruction with Keyboard Mastery - Typing forty words per minute or better without looking at the keyboard. After Keyboard Mastery in Microsoft Word mastery. Students learn how to master using Word through a series of skills and projects. Excel Mastery is a similar course to mastering how to use Excel.

Introduction to Python is next and as of now, our last technology course in our linear approach to learning. Python is a computer language introduction. Through a series of exercises and projects, a useful knowledge of Python is learned by our students.

We do introduce the computer language of Scratch to our primary students who are able to read at a fourth-grade level or better. There is some vocabulary introduced, but mostly it is developing logical sequences with small projects.

We don't begin Keyboarding Mastery until fourth grade because their hands are too small.

There are some uses of technology in instruction. The students in seventh through twelfth grades usually watch a video around once each chapter in history and science to emphasize a point. When a student has mastered Word, he may use Word to rewrite a paper already completed by hand.

What We Don't Do with Technology

At Maricopa Christian Academy we do not:

1. Use videos to be the main instructor of a subject.

2. Allow videos to tutor our students.

3. Have E-books in our school instead of textbooks.

4. Text responses between the student and the teacher.

Why We Do Not Use Technology As Mentioned Above

(No. I am not making this stuff up. This list from Western Governors Association mirrors my experiences in over forty-four years in education.)

  1. Lower attention span.

  2. Increased risk of and lack of privacy. It is a major reason why student records are kept on paper in a locked room at Maricooa Christian Academy.

  3. Teenagers and children who report more time using media are more likely to also report mental health issues.

  4. Social interaction issues.

Probably the biggest reason not to rely on technology is because it does not work. Not relying on technology is another reason our students look so good in their academics with no exceptions. Time with an experienced, Christian instructor who individualizes a student's education always will provide a superior education for your child. And isn't that what you want?

Call to set up an appointment to come observe our school or ask some questions.

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