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The Importance of Field Trips

Photo by Vitolda Klein

I love being on field trips with my students. Yea, the time is educational and all that. But, all field trips have one thing in common. We escape the four walls together and get to explore while talking, having fun and experiencing. That's right, experiencing.

And that picture by Ms. Klein is such a fabulous example of the joy and focus children, my students, have when we enjoy field trips.

Anyway, I have at least five field trips planned for this soon arriving school year. Of course, field trips are contingent on weather, the latest plague and so forth. But here is the tentative schedule of planned outings in the educational way for the 2021-2022 school year.

Shamrock Farms: What says education, fun and milk all in one place? A local dairy of course. And Maricopa has some of the largest and fanciest in the world.

Huhugam Heritage Center: Local history and culture from our neighbors.

The Phoenix Zoo: What can I say? Lots of animals in the center of the Valley.

Kartchner Caverns: I never get tired of walking through these amazing caves. The uniqueness of our Lord's creation is exciting.

One more: Still researching and listening for ideas for the fifth field trip.

Field trips will begin in October and run through the winter and spring months.

May the Lord bless your day.

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